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Stephanie Hewitt, LEP#3975


Hi there and welcome to Learning Pathways! I'm Stephanie Hewitt, a Licensed Educational Psychologist who is passionate about working with students, their schools, and their families and believes there is a pathway to success for every learner. I have been working with children for over 15 years and working as a school psychologist for over 13 years. I'm pleased to bring those skills to my private practice, serving families directly. I specialize in testing for learning disabilities (including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia), Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

I also understand the parent perspective of raising children and navigating the educational system. I have two school-age children of my own and one of them is on an IEP (individualized education plan). Going through that experience as a parent, rather as a specialist or clinician on the IEP team, has given me a new perspective on the process and has allowed me to gain more compassion and empathy for parents going through the process. 

If your child is struggling in school and you want to know why, what can be done to help, and if he or she is getting everything they need, please contact me. I provide a free 20-minute phone call to determine if I am a good fit for you and your needs. I'm also available to contract with school districts, private schools, and charter schools to help complete assessments if they are short-staffed or need additional help. 

Education and Certifications

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, University of California Santa Barbara, May 2008

Master's Degree in Education, California State University, Sacramento, May 2011

Specialist Degree in Education, California State University, Sacramento, May 2012

American Board of School Neuropsychology (ABSNP), July 2023

Pupil Personnel Services Credential

Licensed Educational Psychologist, LEP #3975

Nationally-Certified School Psychologist (NCSP)

Northeastern California Association of School Psychologists (NECASP), Board Member since 2021 and President for 2023-2024 School Year

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